It was a sold out concert, 68,000 fans were there. The guys looked even hotter than they do on TV. Before the show even started, the girls were screaming. The opening acts were Jungle Brothers and Willa (Mandy). BSB sung all their hits on their self-titled album and all of the songs on Millennium (Except Nick's solo song "I Need You Tonight") and also song "That's The Way I Like It". Kevin, Brian, and Howie wore St.Louis Rams jerseys, that had 00 and their names in the back, when they song "It's Gotta Be You" and "I Want It That Way". Kevin said that they had met the quarterback (Kurt Warner) backstage. When the guys introduced the band members and dancers (I was on Kevin's side). After Kevin was Nick and Nick said to Kevin, "My side is louder then yours" and Kevin took a drink of water and spit it out on the floor by Nick's feet. At the very end of the show Nick hit Kevin and AJ with those long balloons. AJ told Nick to "Zip It" and Kevin took the balloon away from Nick and popped it. I had a great time and hope the guys will be back in St.Louis again soon.